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12 th International Conference on Daoist Studies

1 juin 2018 - 4 juin 2018

This year’s theme is the relationship of inner truth in contrast (and conflict) with outer Circumstances, an outcome That pervades Daoist history and culture, since Daoists highly value naturalness and integrity That Often gold butts Even runs in opposition to mainstream values, concepts, and practices-both.
Authority versus authenticity plays in many different dimensions of Daoism. In philosophy, it appears in notions of destiny versus inner nature, seclusion versus political engagement, individuality versus conformity, and more.
In terms of self-cultivation, it manifests in personal inclinations versus the requirements of a particular curriculum or preferences of a master and finds expression in numerous instances of innovation and restructuring.
Socially, it plays a role in a policy of changing the environment and political landscape, requiring adjustment from the institution and / or efforts at legitimation. It also manifests itself in the division and division of religion, giving rise to multiple facets and new developments


After arrival in Beijing, the conference begins on Friday, June 1, at 9 am with a fully translated from the round table. It ends at 6:30 pm on Monday, June 4, after a closing plenary session. There are fifteen total 1¾-hour sessions, three of which (in the morning) are Plenary and keynote speeches include, and four of which (in the late afternoon) are Solely dedicated to practical Concerns and artistic expressions. The remaining eight sessions present parallel panels of academic presentations and forums. Languages ​​are Chinese and English.

Plenary: Paper presentations of 20 minutes each, Including Those by keynote speakers, Followed by open discussions, divided into three sessions focusing one authority versus authenticity in philosophy, self-cultivation, and social / ritual organization. Submit presentations under “Panels,” marking them “Plenary.”

Panels: Three 25-minute or 20-minute oven individual paper presentations on the theme panel, Followed by the discussant’s 5-minute comments and 20 minutes of open discussions (1¾ hours). In all cases, an effort will be made to join Chinese and Western representatives. PPTs should be bilingual. Some translation will be provided.

Forums: An opportunity to read a particular text or discuss a particular issue with a group of learned scholars. Presenters post their text or issue on the web.

Artistic: Showing of videos or documentaries on Daoist issues or related topics. Also, performances of Daoist music, traditional or pop, live or recorded, Daoist art work and readings of Daoist fiction.

Workshop: Emphasis on the experience of Daoist cultivation, martial arts (taiji quan), and forms of Daoist medicine (1¾ hours). The room will not have tables, chairs, or PPT equipment. It is specifically for practical experience.

Note: It is possible to do both an exploration, artistic presentation, or forum. Slots are limited, acceptance is not guaranteed. Plenary contributions will be evaluated by outside readers.


Début :
1 juin 2018
Fin :
4 juin 2018
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Ambassade de Chine


Beijing Normal University
Pékin, China
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